Guest house in the city of Osh

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+996 778 53 77 77

Room reservations starting from $24 per day

Center of tourist sightseeing attractions

Conference hall up to 70 people

Prices haven't changed since 2014

Menu of 14 dishes for breakfast (order)


Excursion services

Excursion tours around the city and Sulaiman-Too

Gastronomic tours

Hiking and horse riding tours

Kyrgyz-Ata tours (national games)

Lenin’s peak, Sary-Tash, Nura tours

Tajikistan, Uzbekistan tours

Order an excursion service and get a 10% discount

Conference services

The rental price includes:
  • Projector
  • Wi-Fi
  • Screen
For an addition payment:
  • Flip-chart boards
  • Markers
  • Still (mineral) water
  • Laptop
  • Desk microphones
  • Tribune
  • Stationery
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch
  • Set dinner
Conference hall equipment:
  • Modern projector and screen
  • High-speed internet access
  • Digital audio-video systems
  • International telephone lines

Besides, the restaurant of the hotel will help in arranging lunches, receptions and coffee breaks for the participants of the events.

Variants of table arrangement:
up to 70 people
up to 50 people
up to 40 people

For business events, conferences, seminars and negotiations we provide the services of our Conference hall with capacity up to 70 people. Due to the individual approach to the customer’s requirements, each customer can count on comfortable conditions.

Conference hall in the hotel “Ecohouse” has a significant advantage: if the event involves the invitation of foreign participants, after its completion they can comfortably be placed in the hotel’s rooms.

Transport accessibility

by car from the Osh
of walking to Sulaiman-Too
of walking to the museum of
Silk Way of Osh city
of walking to the center
of Osh city
of walking to the Old Bazaar
by car to New
Bus Station
by car to the Old
Bus Station
of walking to the new modern
swimming pool "Classic Pool"
of walking to restaurants,
cafes, teahouses

Who are we cooperate with

Our partners


Antoni Stoyanov – Bulgaria

I had a pleasure to visit Kyrgyzstan in 2017. I had a great time there with my friends. We were traveling a lot and when we came to the southern part of the country, we stayed in EcoDom for a few days. Since all of us were tired, the personnel of the hotel offered us a great help in recovering and discovering new places to visit. They found a good guide to show around the area. Overall it was a great place to stay.

Kevin Zapia- USA:

Last year I was visiting my friend in Kyrgyzstan with my sister. We had a great time there and most of the time we were visiting beautiful places in south of the country. When we came to the city my friend booked a room in Ecodom. I don’t usually write reviews for hotels however for the city like Osh it was a great offer and everything was good. We stayed there for 2 days. The staff was very friendly, gave us all the information and their cafeteria was wonderful. Overall hotel gave us a good impression and everything went well afterwards.

Valery Drozdova – Moldova

I had a pleasure to visit Kyrgyzstan back in 2016. It was a wonderful experience to see this wonderful country with its amazing views and mountains. When I came to Osh with my friends we had a deal with Ecodom. We didn’t expect much from the hotel. We just wanted to have a rest and continue our journey. However the hotel was very good looking and comfortable. We took 2 rooms for one day. The staff was amazing, breakfast was wonderful, and the furniture was good. I would like to come back to this country and finish my journey, and I will surely choose Ecodom as a place to stay for a day or two

Maria-Tereza Pavlova – Bulgaria

I stayed in Ecodom for 3 days since it was raining and the weather was not nice when I arrived in Osh. I couldn’t go anywhere and my plans were ruined. However the hotel and it’s staff was very helpful those days. They understood my situation and gave me a discount, showed me the best places, offered me taxi driver, and included meal plan in my booking. I will definitely choose Ecodom again if I come back to Kyrgyzstan.

Cris De Quiroga Tello – Spain

My friends and I stayed in Ecodom two years ago when we visited Kyrgyzstan. It was a good hotel for its price, but the staff and the meal of the hotel was amazing. When we finished our journey we had one more day to spare. The hotel offered us to visit village in Alay to ride horses. We were so happy and grateful for their help. Because of their help our memories of Kyrgyzstan was beyond amazing.

Amir Tajinov – Kazakhstan

My friend had a wedding and he invited me to the city of Osh. It was my first visit to Kyrgyzstan. I stayed at the EcoHouse hotel and was very surprised. It was a good hotel with the good atmosphere and cuisine. I had to wake up early and hotel considered it. They served me a breakfast at 6 a.m. and I didn’t have to worry about the food later. Very comfortable beds helped me to have a rest after the wedding. I will definitely come back to Osh and choose EcoHouse.